Accessibility Guide


La Prairie Étoilée is approached via a narrow country road with ditches and natural hedgerows either side.  At the entrance, there are two large black gates. The gates are manually operated and will usually be open on arrival for you to drive slowly and carefully through in to the graveled car park area (maximum speed 5mph).   Please avoid the stone animal trough (now a herb garden that protrudes beyond the well).


There is a plum tree at the entrance, if you are in a tall vehicle or have a roof box, you may brush some of the branches when passing. Please note due to the narrow lane & ditches, it is not possible to enter towing a caravan or in very large campervans. 


The car parking area is level and graveled. There is a short walk (approx. 150m) across the wild flower meadow (on mown grass paths) to your tent.  The terrain is grass and in places, a little uneven.   In inclement weather can be soft and slippery underfoot.  Please wear suitable footwear.


Please note there is no pathway lighting to the tents from the car parking area.  A torch is provided for your convenience and we encourage guests to arrive before dark for this reason (although we will always show you to your tent and private facilities and help you with your luggage, if you require a hand!) 


The Accommodation

The accommodation consists of a Lotus Belle Tent, Kitchen/Dining Gazeebo, Fire pit, Sunbathing area, private bathroom and lots of outside space.

Personal Outside Space

Your tent, kitchen dining gazebo fire pit and sunbathing area are all situated in a large mown area within the wildflower meadow with mown paths leading to and from the car park and Bathhouse and shared pool area.  There can be uneven spots, plant roots, mole hills to navigate but on the whole the area is flat.  Take care early morning or after rain as you may find the grass to be slippery.

The Tents

The tents (5m in diameter) are situated on a wooden platform (approximately 18cm tall).  The front entrance door to the tent is round in shape and set back (by approximately 10cm from the edge of the platform.  Unzip the tent door flap and inner mesh layer.  To enter step up and over the threshold(approximate height 20cm) and duck through the canvas door.  The tent is then full standing height inside. 


The tent interior has a level sound base which is covered with natural coir carpet (it is in two half-moon pieces so do watch out for the join).  There is a centre pole to the tent and the kingsize bed fits behind it.  To each side is a bedside table with lamp & fan.  


There is a sofa area (2 seater) foot stool and coffee table.  A hanging rail for clothes storage is provided and a shoe rack & tray for outdoor shoes & boots. There is another identical door to the rear of the tent and two windows to the side.  All of the tent openings have bug mesh covers. The windows also have clear vinyl coverings for rainy days. 


There are no electricity points.  All lighting is solar or rechargeable battery powered.  There is a solar battery and charging unit to operate lights, fans and charge items via a USB connection.  There is also an additional power pack for charging and operating items via a USB connection. 


There is no TV or Wi-Fi.  You will find good 4G phone coverage on most networks but be sure to download any films, books or audio before you leave home. 


There is no heating in the tents.  Hot water bottles and additional blankets are provided.  Some guests like to bring warm pyjamas/hoody/sweatpants, warm socks and a woolly hat to sleep in if staying early or late in the season (just in case).  No additional heating is allowed in the tents as this causes condensation and irreparable damage. 


The Bathhouse

The private shower rooms, toilets and washing up areas are housed in a purpose built building (The Bathhouse) along mown paths (approximately 50 metres from the tents). There is a gravelled area in front and to the sides of the bathhouse.  The front section is for washing up.  There is one step up to a concreted area with a general waste bin, recycling bin and glass/bottle bin, broom and mop and bucket.


There is a kitchen worktop (standard width & height). Each tent has its own washing up area with a sink and mixer tap for hot and cold water.  The cold water is drinking water.  The hot water is supplied instantly via a personal gas boiler.   The washing up area is powered by solar lighting operated by a pull cord at height. 


On each side of the Bathhouse are the shower rooms and toilets arranged as follows:


To the far left is a large accessible shower-room which belongs to the Aurore the Stargazer tent.  The shower-room is accessed via a 900mm door with a single step up (Approximately 25cm).  A ramp can be provided.  Inside, is a comfort height dry toilet, basin with hot and cold taps and a 900mm by 900mm low profile shower tray, shower with a corner shower curtain.  There is also a shower stool for use in and out of the shower.  The lighting is solar powered and comes on automatically when dark.  There are a range of hooks and storage for towels and personal items.  The door is lockable with a key.


The far right hand door is the shower room for Amantine.   With a step up and inside a 120mm x 800mm low profile shower tray, shower and curtain.  There is a stool, hooks wash basin & mirror in the dressing area.  The door to the near left of the Bathhouse is the separate toilet for Amantine, housing a comfort height dry toilet and solar pull cord light.  The middle and first door to the right are the Shower room and toilet for Lucile tent.  They are identical to those for Amantine.  All the individual shower rooms and toilets have a single step up, porcelain tiles on the floor and solar lighting operated by a pull cord.  Doors are lockable by a key.


Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and dining areas are provided in a bamboo gazebo measuring 2.5 x 3m.  There is a corrugated plastic roof and bamboo blind sides to protect from the weather.  There is one step up (18 cm) to access the space.  Attached to the front is a sail shade.  The area created by the shade can become a dining area if more room is required in the kitchen, however, in case of high winds the sail will be removed.  

There is a standard height kitchen unit with work top.  There is a two ring gas hob, pans, crockery & cutlery, glassware, cool box and water container etc.  A bowl with handles is provided for taking dishes to the washing up area in the Bathhouse.  Two chairs and a table are provided for dining and there is a cool box.

Fire Pit and Sunbathing Area

The fire pit and BBQ area is at ground level. It is a gravelled area trimmed with bamboo (slightly raised) with a ring of stone in the centre for the fire pit.  The fire pit comes with a traditional cast iron fire brace for hanging a Dutch oven or kettle but can also be used with the cast iron griddle or barbecue grill rack provided as well as a heavy cast iron cooking set.  There is a wooden bench seating and solar string lights (which can be turned off for stargazing!)


The sunbathing area consists of two fold away sunbeds (light tubular metal and fabric construction, a parasol and small folding table.

The Grounds

Within a mown grassy garden area, there is a small above ground plunge pool for guests to use.  The pool is accessed via a pool ladder, with 5 stairs up, a small platform at the top and 5 steps down.  The pool is not heated but temperatures in the height of summer can be up to 26 degrees.  Around the pool are sunbeds, parasols and small tables.

The Dining Barn

The dining barn is a rustic dining space where we hold the table d’hôtes.  The floor in the dining barn is gravel.  There is a large 10 seater table with dining chairs and overhead string lighting. 

We also have a large drinks fridge in the barn with cold beers, soft drinks, local ciders and wine for sale.  The fridge also has a small box (for each tent) to store refrigerated items.  We ask all guests to restrict items to those that will fit in the box.

There is also a chest freezer containing ices, and ice packs for the cool boxes, that can be exchanged free of charge.

Last Updated April 2023

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