Terms and Conditions For Glamping Stays at La Prairie Étoilée

Main Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all glamping and luxury camping in France at La Prairie Étoilée; those who stay, (the guests) and La Prairie Étoilée and Us, your hosts.  Please note that upon making a reservation the agreement becomes a legal contract are by doing so you are confirming that you and all members of your party understand and accept the terms and conditions laid out in this document. Please ensure that sure you read through them so that you understand our obligations and yours before booking; it leads to a more enjoyable stay for everyone.

1.0 Conditions of Payment

1.1 Reservations, Deposits And Balance

1.1.1. If the reservation takes place more than 30 days before the date of the stay, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total cost of the stay will be required at the time the reservation is made. The remaining balance is due at least 30 days before the scheduled arrival date.  

1.1.2 When a reservation is made less than 30 days before the scheduled arrival date, the full cost of the stay must be paid at the time the reservation is made.

1.1.3 Additional services, e.g. flowers, champagne and chocolates, will be charged for upon booking

1.2 Payment of Accounts

1.2.1 All balances are required to be paid 30 days prior to the schedules arrival date or at the time of booking if the stay is within less than 30 days. Balance Payments will be taken from the card used to pay the deposit 30 days prior arrival and a confirmation of payment sent to you.  Should payment fail, you will be contacted to pay by an alternative means.

2.0 Cancellation Policy

2.1 Accommodation

2.1.1 If you cancel your stay the non refundable deposit is retained by us along with an administrative charge of 5% of the total booking amount. You may be due a partial refund in respect of you accommodation costs if you have already paid in full, depending on the proximity of the cancellation to the start of your scheduled arrival date as follows:

  • 30 or less days notice – No Refund Due
  • 31 days or more – 100% of total accommodation costs amount less the non refundable deposit and administrative charge.

Please note – if you book your stay via an on line travel agent (OTA) the cancellation terms may
differ. Please refer to the cancellation policy specified within the OTA.

2.2 Additional Services

2.2.1 If guests have paid in advance for additional services a full refund may be due as follows:

  • Tandem Hire – Full Refund
  • Flowers, Chocolates, Meals/Food Packages, Champagne etc
     –  If within 5 days of scheduled arrival date – No refund due
     –  If more than 5 days prior to the scheduled arrival date – Full refund less any costs that have already been incurred towards providing that service
2.3 Right Of Withdrawal

2.3.1 La Prairie Étoilée informs guests that the sale of accommodation services requested on a specific date or during a defined period is not subject to the 14 day withdrawal period in accordance with article L121-19 of the consumer code (Legifrance.gouv.fr).

2.4 No show or Notified Delayed Arrival

2.4.1 In the case of a no show (non arrival by noon the day after the scheduled arrival date), no refund will be due.

2.4.2 If you notify us prior to the close of check in on your scheduled arrival date that you intend to delay the start of your stay i.e. you tell us that you are going to arrive at any point between mid day on the day after your scheduled start date and the end of your scheduled stay, we will hold you your accommodation for you. No refund will be due for any part of scheduled stay or for additional services that were not used.

2.5 Non-availability of Accommodation/Cancellation by Prairie Étoilée

2.5.1 La Prairie Étoilé reserves the right the right to cancel your stay in extreme or unseen circumstances which may include where there is include a significant risk to health and safety. A Full refund will be given in these circumstances

2.5.2 If your specific accommodation was not available for a reason beyond our control we would, in this unlikely circumstance, offer you an alternative. If this was not possible, or unacceptable to you, then we would refund all monies paid by you for the reservation.

2.5.3 In either of these scenarios, our liability would not extend beyond this original booking

2.6 Early Departure or Contract Terminated

2.6.1 In the event of an early departure of guests once the stay has commenced, guests will be liable for the full amount of the cost of their stay and any additional services booked.

2.6.2 La Prairie Étoilée reserves the right to terminate a guest’s contract and request immediate departure, in the event of any aggressive or threatening behaviour towards Us or other guests, wilful damage to the accommodation or La Prairie Étoilée property (including smoking in the tents or using a prohibited heating source), persistent noise and antisocial behaviour or breaks of the other terms and conditions listed in this document.

2.6.3 In the unlikely event that any of our guests behave in this manner resulting in the termination of their contract with Us, no refund will be due.

3.0 Insurance

3.1 We strongly recommend that guests purchase travel insurance in case, for any reason, you are not able to take up your stay and with adequate cover for any activities you wish to participate in during your stay (including kayaking, cycle hire etc – in France it is the responsibility of the person undertaking the activity to be insured). It is recommended that this includes cover for being unable to travel due to illness (including Covid-19)

4.0 Children

4.1 As we cater exclusively for adults under 18s are not permitted on site.

5.0 Groups

5.1 We welcome groups as part of our exclusive hire (please contact us for availability and pricing at bonjour@laprairieetoilee.com)

5.2 We do not accept stag, hen or group bookings 

6.0 Pets

6.1 We regret that we are unable to accept any pets.

7.0 Arrival

7.1 Check in

7.1.1 Check in is available from 5:00pm to 8pm on the day scheduled day of arrival and we respectfully ask that you plan your journey accordingly to arrive within this window.

7.1.2 Please note we do not offer a permanent reception and therefore if you would like to check-in outside of these times, it must be agreed prior to your arrival.

7.1.3 If you are delayed on route you must let us know before check in closes and keep us informed of your impending arrival.

7.1.4 Any accommodation not occupied by midday, on the day after your scheduled arrival date, will be considered as a no-show and La Prairie Étoilée will have the right to re-let any such accommodation. In these circumstances you will be required to pay in full.

8.0 Security Deposit

8.1 Payment of the security deposit of 200 EURs is due upon arrival. A payment pre-authorisation will be made against the card you used to pay for your accommodation.  There is an inventory of your accommodation, guests are asked to check that everything listed is present and in working order upon arrival. The security deposit will be reimbursed within 7 working days following inspection. The inspection will be
undertaken immediately after departure to ensure that the accommodation is left clean, tidy, complete and without damage.

9.0 During Your Stay

9.1 Safety And Consideration For Others

9.1.1 We want all our guests to have the best stay. Everyone staying at La Prairie Étoilée is
bound to adhere the regulations that are displayed at reception.

9.1.2 Cars must be kept in the car park, in your designated space adjacent to the meadow and speed when entering and exiting the property must not exceed 10km/h.

9.1.3 You must respect the privacy of other guests and their right to peace and quiet. Please be considerate, when opening & closing car doors & keep the volume of any music low. Please be prepared to your music down or off if asked to do so. There must be quiet between the hours of 23:00 and 07:00

9.1.4 Naked flames, e.g. candles must not be used inside the tents.

9.1.5 There is a fire pit for your use with traditional campfire. No other barbecues are permitted. The lid must be placed over the fire pit after use and before leaving it unattended at night, please don’t add additional logs if you are about to go to bed. There may be times, for example, in severe drought, or exceptionally during the summer months, high winds, where we may have to prohibit the use of the fire pit for
fire safety reasons.

9.2 Guest Registration and Visitors

9.2.1 All guests are required to register on arrival. Only two adults are permitted to stay in each tent. Any unregistered, additional guests will be charged 70 EURs per night and asked to leave immediately. To maintain the tranquility and security for all, visitors are not allowed on site.

9.3 Smoking/Vaping

9.3.1 It is strictly prohibited to smoke anywhere within the premises or grounds of La Prairie Étoilée other than in the designated smoking area. We apply the same rules to vaping.

9.3.2 Guests either found smoking/vaping within their accommodation or remains of signs of smoking/vaping inside the accommodation will be asked to leave, with any accommodation monies already paid non-refundable. The security deposit will be
forfeited and we reserve the right to charge for any costs that exceed the security deposit.

9.3.3 For our guests’ convenience, there is a smoking/vaping area in the gravelled car park area. Guests are respectfully asked to remain in this area when smoking/vaping and that they carefully extinguish any cigarettes/cigars into the containers provided.

9.4 Meals In Tents

9.4.1 It is important that the tents and furnishings remain clean and fresh for the benefit of all guests. Therefore, the consumption of any meals (with the exception of a light continental breakfast) is not permitted in the tents. Guests are kindly asked to take meals in the kitchen/dining gazebo.  If the dining barn is not in use, guests can also take meals in there if unusually, there is adverse weather.   

9.5 Damage and Breakages

9.5.1 We kindly ask guests to report any damage to fixtures and fittings as soon as it occurs as this will help ensure that repairs, replacement or cleaning works are carried out immediately and may help reduce the risk of further damage.

9.5.2 Whilst we understand that accidents happen, we do reserve the right to charge for any cleaning or replacement costs.

9.6 Liability

9.6.1 La Prairie Étoilée will not accept responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage of personal items or loss of accommodation as a result of bad weather conditions or fire etc. 

9.6.2 We are in a very rural, safe area and while it is unlikely that anyone will enter the premises, guests are reminded, as a precaution, not to leave valuables in your tent or on show in your car. The free, on site, car parking spaces are for patrons use, but we take no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred to vehicles in the car park, or property contained therein. 

9.6.3 Our total liability to you is limited to the price of the booking and under no circumstances will we be responsible for any indirect or special damages. We respectfully reiterate that guests should make sure they are adequately insured.

9.6.4 La Prairie Étoilée will not accept responsibility for any external noise factors.  It is generally quiet and peaceful here however, if there are factors beyond our control that occur for example, farming activity, wildlife sounds or other external factors such as, neighbours, municipal road or building works. 

9.7 Using Heating In The Tents

9.7.1 Using any form of heating in the tents is strictly forbidden, unless provided by La Prairie Étoilée. Most heating sources cause condensation resulting in irreparable damage to the tents.  Additional quilts, blankets and hot water bottles are provided for the cooler evenings.   Log burners are also provided with appropriate wood to burn.  Anyone using a gas or another heater in the tent will be asked to pay the full professional cleaning charge and should  be prepared to bear the cost of replacing the tent should that be necessary!  

9.7.2 You must read the Fire Safety instructions provided and adhere to them.  For your safety and that of others on site and in the neighbourhood, it is strictly forbidden to burn anything in the log burners other than the wood provided – this includes, BBQ charcoal, foraged wood, coal etc.   

10. Departure

10.1  Guests are requested to check out between 8am and 10am on the day of departure, unless otherwise pre-arranged.

10.2 In these unprecedented times we ensure that there is sufficient time to thoroughly clean and air the tent between guest departure and the next arrivals so it is imperative that agreed check out times are observed.

10.3 We reserve the right to charge any guest, who has not vacated their accommodation by this time, a subsequent night at the appropriate daily tariff.

10.4 The tent, gazebo, fire pit, toilet and shower room should be left in a clean and tidy state as follows:

  • All rubbish should be placed in the appropriate bins
  • Cool boxes must be emptied and cleaned out & any freezer packs returned to reception
  • If the kitchen facilities have been utilised anything that has been used eg, plates, glasses, pots and pans should be washed and put away.

10.5 Guests are kindly asked to list any broken items or things that have ceased to be working.

11.0 Privacy Policy

11.1 Data Protection

11.1.1 Any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed under the terms of the European Data Protection Regulations. Full details of our Privacy Policy can be found here.

11.2 Publicity and Social Media

11.2.1 There may be occasions when you could be photographed or filmed for publicity and social media marketing purposes; if you do not agree to this, please let us know, we will always ask first!

12.0 Complaints and Dissatisfaction

12.1 We always try to do our very best to ensure our guests have an enjoyable stay. If we fall short in anyway, please tell us there and then and we will endeavour to put things right. You can also email us at bonjour@laprairieetoilee.com

12.2 La Prairie Étoilée Direct Booking Guarentee 

12.2.1 For direct booking guests only.  If after the first night you are so disatisfied with La Prairie Etoilee and having been given the chance, we can’t fix it for you and you want to leave, we will refund, in full, the rest of your accommodation costs.  Any meals taken or additional services will remain payable.  You must be prepared to vacate your tent and leave immediately. 

Please note: The above terms apply to all Glamping and Luxury Camping in France at La Prairie Étoilée.  Separate terms apply to camping and exclusive hire.

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