Additional Terms and Conditions
For Glamping Stays at La Prairie Étoilée

Terms and Conditions For Early Bird 2024 Reservations

Reserve your stay before 30 November 2023 with a 49 euro deposit - Specific Terms and Conditions

1. To reserve your stay with an initial 49 euro deposit you must reserve before midnight on 30 November 2023.  The 49 euro initial deposit is non refundable.

2. On 1 March 2024 the remaining deposit (equating to 30% of the total value of your stay, which includes the initial 49 euros) will be taken from the card you used to pay the initial deposit.  This payment is the final element of the deposit for your stay and is non refundable. If there are issues taking this payment you will be sent a payment link by email.  If payment is not forthcoming within the allotted time and our contact attempts have failed, we conclude that you wish to cancel your stay. 

3. The balance payment is not due until 30 days before your stay please see the main terms and conditions for further details


Booking of 4 nights for 1 August 2024 to 5 August 2024 in a Cocooning Lotus Belle Tent

Total cost of booking  = 480 euros

Initial deposit 49 euros

Subsequent Payment on 1 March 95 euros (480 * 30%) = 144 – 49 initial deposit)

Balance payment of 336 euros due on 2 July 2024 (30 days before the arrival date)

The initial deposit and subsequent payment equate to 30% of the total stay and is the non refundable deposit 


If you book your stay as an Early Bird 2024 Reservation the following applies to cancellations:

Cancel prior to 1 March and no further payment is due, however the 49 euro initial deposit is not refundable

Cancel after the 1 March 2024 and up to 31 days before your stay please refer to our main terms and conditions.

Cancel 30 days or less before your stay please see our main terms and conditions.

We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate travel insurance to compensate you, should for any reason you not be able to take up your stay and to cover any activities you may wish to undertake during your stay.

Minimum Night Stays 

Our Early Bird reservations are subject to higher minimum nights stay at peak times.  This is to ensure those requiring a longer stay are more able to secure the dates they require.  The minimum night stay is reduced in the new year.

All other main terms and conditions apply 

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