Eco Friendly Glamping - La Prairie Étoilée Green Manifesto.

Eco Friendly Glamping is really important to us, here at La Prairie Étoilée but we don't believe that you have to sacrifice comfort and luxury to be sustainable, responsible and ecological.  So we ensure a perfect blend of comfort, sound ecological principles and the best bits of camping for a luxurious stay in nature that doesn't cost the earth!

Here we set out our green manifesto which is in three parts. 

  • The Eco Cycle of Positive Effect - where we try to ensure that everything we do has a knock on positive effect on something else
  • Our Pledge To The Planet.  
  • And our passion - Slow and Sustainable Tourism

We cover the three elements here at a high level but you will also find everything is set out in detail in our Green Manifesto.

Let us know what your think! We'd love to here from you.

Part 1 - Eco-Cycle of Positive Effect

Eco Friendly Glamping - Positive Cycle of Positive Effect
Eco Friendly Glamping - Food
Eco Friendly Glamping - Compost raw food waste
Eco Friendly Glamping - Using The Sun For Power
Eco Friendly Glamping - Storing Rainwater
Eco Friendly Glamping  harvesting rainwater
Pedal Power Eco Friendly Glamping
Eco Friendly Glamping - Water Saving Showers
Eco Friendly Glamping - Save The Bees
Honey From The Bees
Humanure - Eco Friendly Glamping

Part 2 - Our Pledge to the Planet

Eco Friendly Glamping - Our Pledge To The Planet

Part 3 - Eco Friendly Glamping - Sustainable and Slow Tourism 

We are passionate about eco friendly glamping and a huge part of that is sustainable and slow tourism which is why it is not only interwoven into the first two parts of our green manifesto it also has a section all of its own.

Slow tourism involves spending longer in one place and getting to know both the area and community on a deeper level. It's about savouring the journey to your destination and then staying local; going off the beaten track to discover the quirky, the lesser known, out of the ordinary places.

There's lots to discover here and we have plenty of suggested itineraries to help our guests get under the skin of this truly special place. In addition, to bring truly unique and authentic experiences to our guests, we are partnering with local people, producers and creatives to do just that.

Sustainable & slow tourism is good for the environment and the economy.  Our slow tourism partnerships are aimed at bringing an authentic sense of place to our guests and at the same time supporting our local rural community.

Slow tourism itineraries and updates about the partnerships we are forming, will feature in Le Blog! And read more now in our Manifesto.

La Prarie Étoilée - Eco Friendly Glamping 

Green Manifesto - The Detail