Step right up! Cirque Bidon is coming to town!

Cirque Bidon Is Coming To Town

This is not any circus.  The Cirque Bidon is a timeless, travelling circus that has been captivating audiences across Europe for decades. With its hand built, horse drawn wagons, travelling just 25 km per day at 4km per hour, even its arrival is a spectacle to behold.  And it’s coming to villages near us in July and August 2024!

A History Steeped In Tradition

Born from Monsieur Francois Bidon’s vision and his profound fear of a life mapped out, Cirque Bidon was founded in the early 1970s. Rooted in a rich heritage and committed to preserving the essence of traditional circus performances, Cirque Bidon is quirky and different with a contemporary edge.  This blend of old and new, creates a unique experience that transports spectators to a bygone era of magic and wonder, entirely captivating them.

A Unique And Intimate Circus Experience

Held in the open air with no traditional marquee, a circus ring and a semi circling of the distinctive trailers with only the sky above, becomes an enchanting “big top.”; a unique set for an extraordinary show.  Cirque Bidon combines awe-inspiring acrobatics, theatrical storytelling, whimsical humor, music and dance, to create an immersive experience for communities coming together in awe.

It is Monsieur Bidon’s commitment to break free from convention, and Cirque Bidon’s exceptional performers that sets it apart.  An ensemble of performers from across Europe who bring their skills and personalities to the show.  In this intimate environment, the troupe’s dedication to their art is evident in every graceful movement and heart-stopping moment.  The collective awe reverberates throughout the open air arena where laughter is contagious and the gasps are shared!  

So Where And When Is Cirque Bidon Coming To Town?

Cirque Bidon stands out as a true gem among travelling circuses and it is a must see if you are lucky enough to be in the area when the Cirque Bidon is coming to town.  

Luckily, as Cirque Bidon winters in the nearby village of Saint Severe Sur Indre (Famous in its own right for being the subject of the Jaques Tati film “Jour de Fête”), There is always a show nearby during the season.  If you are staying at La Prairie Étoilée in July or August it’s likely that you’ll be able to catch the show! If you’ve not not booked your stay yet – make sure you are around to see this truly special circus.

The Cirque Bidon is coming to town at various dates between 3 July to the 30 August. Don’t miss it! Check availability at La Prairie Étoilée throughout this summer here

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