Go Téléski Wakeboarding In France – No Need To Head To The Coast!

Téléski Wakeboarding Pouligny-Notre-Dame

Are you an adventurous couple looking for a fun and exciting activity to share together during your stay at La Prairie Étoilée? You may have just found the perfect thing! In the otherwise sleepy village of Pouligny-Notre-Dame, Berry, right at the very heart of France, is a state of the art Téléski Wakeboarding Park.

Sensas’Parc – Téléski Wakeboarding

The park offers a cable wakeboarding experience that is perfect for couples looking to challenge themselves and bond over a new activity in a safe and controlled environment. Wakeboarding is a water sport that involves riding a board over the surface of the water while being pulled by a cable (as opposed to being towed behind a motor boat). It’s an exiting and exhilarating activity, perfect for all skill levels.

Try Teleski Wakeboarding together!

Don’t be afraid to just turn up and have a go (although do check opening times, they can vary throughout the season and there are competitions held throughout the summer – a great watch!) The téléski wakeboarding park park is suitable for all ages and abilities and the friendly staff are always on hand to offer advice and guidance.

Knee Boarding

If you haven’t done this before you’ll start off on a knee board. It’s a fun way to dive in – no pun intended but seriously, expect to spend more time messing about in the water than on it, when you first get started – but hey, you could both be naturals!

Take Téléski Wakeboarding Lessons

If you are staying for a while and want to share the excitement of learning a new skill together, by taking on the challenge of téléski wakeboarding, be sure to book some lessons. Supporting each other through a challenge is a sure fired way of strengthening your bond and create memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

And if you are staying at La Prairie Étoilée, after each exhilarating day at the lake, it’s just an easy 15 minute drive to back to the comfort of your luxury glamping tent for a hot shower and a evening relaxing, romantic by the campfire!

Spectate and Relax

If you don’t want to give it a try yourself, it’s still mesmerising to watch! Take a picnic or grab something from the café (there’s a decent burger to be had!), take a walk through the wooded paths around the lake or just find a spot and relax. You can easily combine with a visit to the nearby Parc des Parelles; head here for refreshments after a walk through the stunning nature park.

Overall, the Téléski Wakeboarding Park at Pouligny-Notre-Dame is an excellent choice for couples looking to challenge themselves and enjoy a fun and exciting activity together. It offers a perfect combination of thrilling water sports, stunning natural beauty, making it the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

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