Quirky and Unique Museums to Visit, Centre-Val de Loire

Museums to visit in Centre-Val de Loire

There are some amazing, quirky and unique museums to visit in Centre Val de Loire, too good to only keep for a rainy day!

1. The House of George Sand & Musee George Sand et de la Vallee noire (Nohant-Vic and La Chatre)

Find out all about George Sand the famous 19th century writer, visit her house, retained as it was back then along with her beautiful garden and cemetery. And a top tip, you can visit the garden, library (where you can buy her novels and other beautiful books) and puppet collection for free! You’ll need to book a house tour which you can do online. The tour is conducted in French with a handout in English.

2. Musee de la Chemiserie et de l’Elegance Masculine (Argenton-Sur-Creuse, Indre)

Situated on the river in what’s known as the Venice of Berry, Argenton-Sur-Creuse, this museum if one for fashionistas and those with a love of textiles or social history. It’s a really interesting museum all about the shirt manufacturing and male elegance – find out how the fear of water impacted fashion! You may also find a temporary exhibition to look around. Combined tickets for this and Agentomagus (below) are available.

3. Argentomagus, (Saint Marcel Nr Argenton-Sur-Creuse, Indre)

What did the Romans ever do for us? Find out here at the remains of The Roman city of Argentomagus once a strategic point on the north bank of the river Creuse and from which the modern town of Argenton takes its name. Walk around this ancient city inside both inside the museum and out.

4. La Maison Des Traditions (Chassignolles, Indre)

If you want to get under the skin of this place and find out what life was like 100+ years ago then this is where to go, from inside the home, to the machinery used on the farm, you can step back in time. And if you want to go that bit further, read “Celestine” a novel set in the village of old.

5. Ecomusee de la Brenne (Le Blanc, Indre)

This museum installed within the walls of Chateau Naillac tells the story of life within Brenne through the ages. The eco museum was created around a 19th century ornathological collection, the purpose being to sudy, conserve and promote the heritage of the Brenne Regional Natural Park.

6. Maison de Jour Fete (Sainte-Severe-Sur-Indre)

One for film and social history buffs – French Film maker Jaques Tati made a movie, “Jour de fête) in the village – here you can see the film and all the memorabilia.

8. Hospice Saint Roach Museum (Issoudun, Indre)

An art gallery with a large permanent collection and temporary contemporary exhibitions.

7. Musée du Sucre d’Art (Valençay)

An exhibition of artistic sugar pieces and cocoa techniques – see chateau Valençay crafted from the sweet stuff!

9. Musee de l’Automobile (Valençay, Indre)

Staying with Valençay, after seeing the sweet creations pop along to see around 60 cars, the oldest dating back to 1848 and all things automobilia!

10. Musee du Cirque (Vatan, Indre)

This quirky and unique museum features amazing costumes of circus greats and fabulous posters, props and films of circus history.

11. One of the very quirky and unique Museums to visit in Centre-Val de Loire – Heritage of Equipment and Bridges and Roads, Guilly, Indre

Award winnng and totally unique. Full of weird and bizarre contraptions and tools relating to roadbuilding, canals, lighthouses and all things engineering based in a farm building constructed by Ferdinand de Lesseps, a French diplomat and later, developer of the Suez Canal.

12. Cite Internationale de La Tapisserie Aubusson (Creuse)

Not Centre-Val de Loire but within reach, a fabulous museum and gallery of the most beautiful traditional and contemporary tapestries, well worth a trip out!

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