Couples -10 Things To Do On A Rainy Day In The Loire – When Glamping

A rainy day in the Loire definition of a Pluviophile, someone who loves the rain

Are you pluviophile? That is, a lover of rain, someone who finds joy and peace of mind on a rainy day? Just like humans, nature needs to drink plenty of water to stay healthy & beautiful, so a rainy day is a blessing. You just need to know the best 10 things to do on a rainy day in the Loire when you are glamping and it won’t matter a jot!

You could look at a rainy day as nature giving you permission to relax and do little; just snuggle up and take it easy. Or you might think, I’m just going to get out there or go and visit somewhere you’ve been putting off because the weather was too nice! However you view a rainy day in the Loire when glamping, here are 10 things to do to help you make the best of your precious time away!

1. Go back to bed.

When did you last spend the day in bed together? Grab a bottle of fizz and some spa treatments and have a nice pampering, romantic day.

2. Listen and Relax

Listen to the rain on your tent, it sounds amazing – the rain is your permission to do nothing for the day. Read books, flick through magazines. Just relax.

3. Cosy Up & Watch a film

Download some of your favourite films on your phone before you leave home in preparation for a movie day when you can project them on your tent!

4. Go For a Walk

Put your waterproofs on and head off on a walk. If you’ve got the right kit, going for a walk when it’s raining is great. Although it will still be warm, it won’t have that intensity of heat as when the sun is shining brightly so a cooler explore you will have . And if the sun does break through, remember to look for rainbows!

5. Wander around a museum or gallery

There are lots of interesting galleries and quirky museums in the Indre, within the southern Loire and into La Creuse, Great to visit but when it’s a beautiful, hot, sunny day, they are not the activity of choice! A rainy day ensures you get to see some of these special places.

6. Head off to the city

Even in the rural areas of France, a city will be in reach and all that goes with that. Wander around a shopping mal, go to the cinema or bowling, visit the cathedral, one of the museums or galleries sited there. Or find a cafe bar to watch the world go by from while sharing some delicious gateau!

7. Go “Brocanting”

A brocante is a somewhere between a bootsale and antiques market. Often held outside as annual events in most villages but you will also find brocante type shops. Again these will range from junk shops, to large ressourceries (warehouses filled with recycled goods, often run by charity organisations), to smart antique shops. So having a tour of and a mooch around the brocantes is a great thing to do on a rainy day.

If you are hitting the brocantes, for a bit of fun, set a budget and see who can buy the most “unusual” item for their euros (for most unusual also read most hideous/bizarre)!

8. Get competitive

Play board games, cards or challenge each other to a table tennis tournament in the games room.

9. Visit a Church or Chateau

There are many beautiful churches within the Indre, including one designated a UNESCO world heritage sites and many are adorned with ancient fresco’s. There are also many chateaux to visit and from different centuries. You may miss out on a walk around the gardens if it’s raining but for a stunning interior and all the history that goes with it, it still makes for an interesting day.

10. Get Creative

Draw, paint, stitch, colour or how about brightening up a dull day by taking it in turns to do a life drawing of each other? Or for the less daring, how about a self portrait! If you are staying at La Prairie Étoilée art kits are available!

The list of 10 things to do on a Rainy Day In The Loire is complete!

So there you have it. Whether you are a lover of the rain or not, there are plenty of things to do on the odd rainy day in the Loire, including do nothing at all! And don’t forget if you are out and about, you could always stop for a typically long lunch! Here’s a blog on where to find 10 Michelin Guide Restaurants In Indre and Nearby

Even if the heavens do open, with some rainy day ideas in your back pocket, it’s not going to spoil your enjoyment of your glamping trip to France!

To find out more about this beautiful part of France, download Your Guide to Secret France here – it;s completely free!

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