Our Eco Friendly Pledge to the Planet!

Our Eco Friendly Agenda Launch

Here at La Prairie Étoilée we aim to create the perfect blend of comfort and luxury with authentic camping experiences. At the same time, it’s really important to us to be kind to the environment by being eco friendly. So, it’s highly appropriate that on World Environment Day 2021, we launched our green manifesto.

(Pour notre manifeste vert en français s’il vous plaît cliquez ici)

The Eco Cycle of Positive Effect

To help us on our eco friendly path we have devised our green manifesto which is in three distinct parts. Firstly, we are putting in place an ecological cycle. This is where everything we do here aims to have a positive effect on something else; we call it our Eco Cycle of Positive Effect!  It’s pictured above but you can find out more about it here.

We hand drew this diagram when we were first trying to explain what it was we wanted to do here and we wanted to get permission for our glamping site. We took it to the Mairie and pointed at it a lot! He seemed to get it – he’s always been fully supportive and on board!

Our Pledge to the Planet

Then there is part two; Our Pledge to the Planet.

We pledge to be sustainable, responsible and ecological by:-

  • Reducing Waste
  • Saving Energy
  • Being Kind to the Natural Environment

You will find that our full manifesto goes into a tad more detail which you can access here.

Sustainable and Slow Tourism

And last but by no means least, Sustainable and Slow Tourism. We are passionate about sustainable and slow tourism and so you may notice elements are interwoven throughout our manifesto; this is why!

Slow tourism involves spending longer in one place and getting to know both the area and community on a deeper level. It’s about savouring the journey to your destination and then staying local; going off the beaten track to discover the quirky, the lesser known, out of the ordinary places.

Sustainable tourism to us, is making a positive impact environmentally, socially and economically. Our passion most likely stems from the privilege we feel living and operating within this beautiful landscape and small rural community. We want to do right by it!

There’s lots to discover here and we are developing lots of suggested itinaries to help our guests get under the skin of this truly special place. In addition, to bring truly unique and authentic experiences to our guests, we are partnering with local people, producers and creatives to do just that.

Updates about the partnerships we’re forming, will feature in Le Blog. You can read more about what we have put in place and what we have planned for the future, here.

If you would like to know more about our eco friendly or sustainability policies or have any feedback on the manifesto, please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at bonjour@laprairieetoilee.com.

A bientôt !

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